If you are looking for a sunny getaway with your friends or family, Tenerife is the perfect island for you. The largest island of the Canaries has a temperate climate of 25°C throughout the year so your pains and rheumatisms will be less painful. Therefore, for those who want sun during december and travel across the world, it is possible without spending a fortune ! In addition to being a favourable island for your recovery, it is totally affordable. Last but not least, everything is designed for people with disabilities. The island is totaly accessible. But do not forget that you are on a volcanic island !


It’s very easy to take flights when you are in a wheelchair, and even more when you want to go to the Canaries ! Some officers are going to take care of everything, you almost have nothing to do.

What happens when you get on the island ?

Once you are at the Tenerife South airport, an officer will come to see you in the plane. He will carry your lugage loaded in the bay (if you have one) and will bring you to the hotel taxi (or shuttle). If you want to take the Mar y Sol hotel shuttle, it is necessary to book it before your arrival. You can do it easily on their website with the Le Ro company. The journey between the airport and the hotel only lasts 15 minutes. The round trip will cost approximately 60€. You can also take a bus at the airport that will leave you next to the hotel, thoses buses are fully adapted and really cheaper.


Hôtel Mar y Sol

Mar y Sol is one of the most adapted hotels in Europe. Once there, you won’t have to worry about physical access. It’s finally time for you to have peaceful holidays !

The hotel has patient lift at its disposal in order to have an access to every pool. In one of the swimming pools the temperature is maintained at 30°C and the other is at an ambient temperature. The staff is really pleasant and helpful for those who need them. The hotel is equipped with shower chairs in every bathroom, if you need more material, you need to notify it throughout the booking. You can get everything you want !



The hotel offers the access at a fitness room and a gymnasium where you can play ping pong, badminton or wheelchair basketball. You can also relax at the Spa with some great massages done by professionals such as physiotherapists. You can also apreciate sessions of reflexology or acupunture… (thoses cares are not free)






Right beside the hotel is located the ”Le Ro” company that is a real advantage for this place. This company will propose different excursions totally accessible on the island, with an incredible choice of equipments such as electric wheelchairs, scooters, handbikes etc.. in order to make your downtown or seaside travels easier. The island won’t have no more secrets for you !

What to do in Tenerife ?

Almost every restaurants and bars are adapted for people with disabilities.
Don’t worry, you can go out securely, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises !


Best of Ténérife:

With all those electric wheelchairs and other appartus at your service, staying home won’t be an option anymore ! Through the hotel, a variety of activities will be proposed. Here are the inescapable ones of Tenerife the South. You can leave all day long with an adapted bus throughout the island summits and admire the Teide, it’s the highest peak of Spain (3,718 metres). You go through the mountains for 6 hours with a several stops. Suprisingly it is a very accessible place thanks to roads where everyone can pass.


If you want to see some dolphins or turtles, they organize a lot of sea trips.

If you are with your friends or family, you need to go to the Siam Park. This amusement park is perfect to take a walk in a totally flat place while your companion will be able to hurtle down the biggest aquatic slide of the world.
The Loro Park is one of the most popular tourist sites of the Canaries. It’s the leader of European zoos and the second worldwide.


L’hôtel se situe à environ 10 minutes à pied du bord de mer. Il est préférable de louer un scooter si vous êtes en fauteuil manuel car l’hôtel est situé en hauteur et vous pouvez rencontrer quelques difficultés pour remonter la pente au retour. Le prix de la location est de 140 euros pour la semaine ou de 26 euros à la journée.

La plupart des plages sont accessibles mais « Las Visitas » est incontestablement la plus belle. C’est aussi la plage la plus adaptée puisqu’elle comporte une zone en bois entièrement dédiée aux PMR avec des toilettes, un tiralo, un lève-personne et une douche.Deux secouristes sont également à votre disposition.

Si vous souhaitez vous allonger, des transats et des parasols sont situés juste à côté de l’espace dédié aux personnes à mobilité réduite. Vous devez payer environ 12 euros la journée pour deux personnes. Cela est vraiment pratique, nous vous le recommandons !





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Translated by Mélina Tranchant

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